Why Frijolito’s?

Frijolito, can be a term of endearment when Latinos refer to a, Little Bean. So, in order to bring you a mobile coffee shop with a Latin twist, it was a “no brainer”…Frijolito’s was dreamt up, and he came to live. Our goal was to bring to the streets, a grassroots approach to café con pan dulce, or coffee and sweet bread. Let’s face it…coffee is in our Latin blood. Whether it’s smell of moms café con leche en la mañana, a quick shot of espresso to wake you up after a big ol’ lunch, or just a little cafésito with something sweet after dinner, coffee is a big part of our Latin culture.

¿Quiénes Somos? / Who We Are

Ave Maria! Que Dios de Bendiga for stopping by! We’re just two ordinary, passionate Latinos that love and culture brought together. Our story of this journey begins in 2009, when we close one door, and were hopeful to open another. It was that moment that the seed was planted, that inspired us, to continue our dream and pursue the love of comradery, customer service and our Latin culture.

Today, Frijolito’s Mobile Coffe Shop, we have the privilege and the hunger to bring every community a wide variety of coffee from all over Latin America, with a twist! With handcrafted signature drinks like Mariachi Loco, El Coqui, Frijolito’sMocha and Spanish Fly, to name a few, we worked hard to at our recipes to bring you high quality, great customer service at reasonable market pricing.

The art of mobility, and being free to move about the different areas and communities, is what we are bringing to our customers. We give the customer the opportunity to stay comfortable in their home and office, and allow us to come and serve you!
Our gourmet coffee truck with a Latin twist, is perfect for catering your birthday party, school events, corporate parties and house party!!!